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psi=p(i+1) - p(i) function p(i) if (in) then p = psi elseif (p(i) > psi) then p(i) = p(i) - 0.1 else p(i) = p(i) + 0.1 endif end function endfunction A: In MATLAB you can use the macro f=@(varargin) To reference a function in the same code, you can use the anonymous function and write f(@my_function) This will create an anonymous function that will call my_function. The macro will take any number of arguments, create an anonymous function with that number of arguments, and then call that function with the arguments. Example: >> f = @(x,y) x + y; >> f(2, 3) ans = 7 Two Types of PhDs: The Verbal and the Non-Verbal - jmduke ====== alexgartrell I'm in the "non-verbal" camp. At least when I was in grad school. Now that I'm in industry, my workflow is typically a lot more "verbal". I often feel overwhelmingly inept when trying to talk to other people, and to think through all the things I want to say takes a long time. I also think that much of industry tends to be more "academic", and that the "non-verbal" is a product of academia. It's not that everyone in the industry is a "verbal" thinker, but it is that many of them share the same problems as I do. ------ supercoder When I read this I was thinking "Im in the verbal PhD category as well" but then I realised I was wrong. ------




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Program Za Sviranje Harmonike Na Tastaturi Free Download laurelle

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