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Why Cloud9 By Pasha?

Welcome to our blog! Dive into the world of the incredible tobacco industry. We are excited to share with you our passion, knowledge and company events here at Cloud9 By Pasha.

Established in 2018, the partners at Cloud9 drove their desire of bringing Central New Jersey the largest smoke experience it has ever seen. We are a premium smoke boutique that offers an exquisite selection of hookah heads and cigars. Our staff and employees are experts in the tobacco industry. You can buy from a wide selection of high quality cigars and take your products to-go, but it’s more fun to stay in our sampling area smoking a cigar or hookah and pretending you’re back in the old-school New York City days that let you do this everywhere. All of our services are offered in a healthy and friendly environment. We are located in Franklin Park, NJ extremely close to the Princeton and New Brunswick hubs. Cloud9 by Pasha is a 21 and over facility and offer the best products in the tobacco business. Try your desired selection of tobacco on site in our plush sampling room or host your next private event with us. Our sampling area has ample space for birthdays, engagement parties, company networking and holiday parties! Inquire within or call us now for pricing and dates!

Few Words by one of the Partners, Adil Ismail:

"I wanted to get involved in this business due to passion. I started making hookah heads for friends and immediately enjoyed the gratification I received from this skill. I wanted to extend my talent of creating various blends of hookah heads to our beloved customers and the return of satisfaction has not failed us yet. There are so many brands with amazing flavors out there that there is never a dull moment in this industry to appreciate a good cigar or hookah."

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